Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Empty one tank and fill up another

Use urine as fuel for your car.

Yes, your car may soon be powered by urine. Scientists from the Ohio University are developing the relevant technology for urine-powered utilities. Cars, homes, and numerous electronic devices are soon to be run on this energy. A nickel-based electrode generates plenty of cheap hydrogen from urine that can be burnt or used in fuel cells. An added advantage is increased cleanliness. And the cost is a fraction of the conventional production of hydrogen from water. As we all know, urine is the most abundant waste on Earth.

A new H2 converter invented now can turn any organic fluid into fuel, which is claimed to be for efficient than both diesel and gasoline. Thus instead of pumping fuel into the car, one can just pee into the gas tank and drive away. Waste from chicken farms could produce energy required to run the farm. Livestock farmers could benefit greatly from this invention.

Prof. Gerardine Botte of the Ohio University who is developing this technology reports that one cow can provide enough energy to supply hot water for 19 houses. One molecule of urea in the urine containing hydrogen and nitrogen bonded together can release hydrogen using a special nickel electrode into the pool of urine. Prof. Botte and her colleagues report they can store this hydrogen and then release it at lesser cost.

When this becomes a commercial viability, it will definitely be a great breakthrough towards greener world that we are all trying to create.

Source: Google



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