Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maypop flower by different names

A flower by different namesin Botanical Gardens,Hyderabad. Its flowers are known by different names as shown below: Most of these names are mythological and interesting.

In Telugu, it is Kaurava-Pandava puvvu. The 100 radical filaments of the corona all around depict the Kauravas while the five anthers represent the Pandavas.

In Manipur, it is called the Radhika nachom probably representing the dance of Krishna and Radha along with the many gopikas dancing around.

In Bengali, it is called the Jhumkalata, a creeper (lata) with jumkhas. If turned over, this flower would look like a pretty earring or jhumkha.

In English, it is called the Passion Flower, the passion of Christ on the cross. In Europe, it is a symbol of crucification. The 72 radial filaments denote the crown of Thorns. The ten petals and sepals represent the ten faithful apostles. The top three stigmata represent the three nails and the lower five anthers represent the five wounds.

In Spanish language, this flower is similarly called Espina de Cristo (Christ's Thorn).

In Germany, it is called Muttergottes-Schuzchen (Mother of Gods’ Star).

Japanese call it the clock-faced flower.

In North America, it is called the Maypop, the water lemon, and the wild apricot.

Courtesy: The Hindu Young World January 27, 2009

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