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Unidentified flying object (UFO) refer to any unidentified flying phenomenon in the sky. Experts say UFOs hover around the epicenter of major natural calamities. An UFO was noted in Mumbai, India on August 28, 2008. Though seen by many in the sky, it is a mystery why they have not landed and established any contact with us. Probably aliens in UFOs may provide useful answers to most of our pressing problems like the global warming as they may have a far superior technology.

When there was a Tsunami attack in India in December 2004, several people in Tamilnadu, Andaman and Nicobar Island, and Indonesia reported sighting strange objects in the sky. Some believe these are warnings of the impending calamity while others feel that the UFOs stimulate calamities. No scientific proof for these beliefs so far.

The French Space agency will shortly publish UFO and other similar sightings

Astronauts and test pilots of NASA have testified to sighting several UFOS during their missions. The first report by Joseph Walker, NASA pilot in 1962 mentions an encounter with two disc-shaped objects. He had filmed five cylindrical and disc-shaped objects were filmed from his X-15 aircraft.

Two years later in 1964, two radar specialists sighted UFOs while monitoring unmanned Gemini capsule. They showed a film showing a missile separating and an UFO appearing on their screen. Interestingly, the Gemini was fitted with instruments to track such UFOs.

Since then, several UFO sighting are being reported almost regularly by NASA.

Russian cosmonauts too have reported sighting UFOSs.

However, scientific stamp is still warranted to make them believalbe for the common man.

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