Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mission Clean Ganga

Yes, India’s famous river Ganga or the Ganges as it is known to the world is going to be a clean river by 2020. The river Ganga originating from the famous Gangotri glaciers of the Himalayas is pure till human population on this holy river’s course pollutes it extensively. The degradation of this river calls for urgent measures to clean it up and save the aquatic life.

The Indian Government has now called upon the group of seven IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) jointly to prepare a detailed river basin management plan for this river to clean up this river. The deterioration in the quality of the river’s water is due to toxic effluents caused by urbanization and industrial growth.

Dr. Vinod Tare of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India is heading this team. The National Ganga River Basin Authority headed by India’s Prime Minister is sponsoring this study with all the seriousness and urgency that the situation warrants. This ambitious project will cover 11 Indian States as well as some other rivers also and will cost the exchequer $8 billion (Rs. 40,000 crores). Its final report is expected in one year.

The team is expected to advise proper water use and also enough provision for water and energy in the Ganga basin for future population, industrialization, agriculture, and urbanization without ignoring the sanctity for the river system.

Perennial flow and clean water are the two thrust areas for this group of experts. The experts’ group will coordinate with the other related professionals in various related areas like ecology and diversity, socio-cultural aspects, public participation, etc. A basin-wise approach is proposed as against an earlier suggestion of city-wise approach.

Earlier efforts to clean up the Ganga did not yield much desired results despite huge expenditure. There is a general impression that such river-cleaning projects are a source of minting money.

Let us hope this latest effort will clean up India’s mighty river GANGA.

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