Saturday, July 3, 2010

Human Brain Improves With Advancing Age

Yes, scientists have discovered this truth that is totally contrary to the popular belief that mental faculties decline with advancing years.

Of course short-term-memory dwindles as a person ages, but long-term memory remains unchanged or unaffected. In fact, it is observed during the study that as person’s vocabulary, emotional intelligence, and social skills may get better. Probably this conclusion is best explained by the number of successful elderly persons past fifty in business, science, politics, etc.

The study suggests simple methods to sustain and sharpen the mental ability in old age. Walking 40 minutes three times a week definitely improves the mental caliber greatly. Reaction time in critical situations is much less with such walking. Dr. Peter Connely an expert in old age at the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the U.K. states that the old people can handle a situation objectively with their vast experience in life as against younger generation who only try to rush to conclusions.

Judges in the UK now want to work beyond the age of 70. While this sounds nice, the society at large may face greater unemployment among the younger generation, which may pose a problem to those in power.

Source: Times of India

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