Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doggy diaper

Yes, now imported into India from the US and China, these diapers commonly called Poochie Pants cost around Rs. 1200 for a pack of 11 available in sizes XXXS and XXS for small dogs like the Rotweller, German Shepherd, Saint Bernard, and the Great Dane. Females have traditional baby diapers, male dogs, who mark their territory use belly bands.

Want to say bye to messy car seats because of pet dogs? Then go and get pet diapers.

Car owners feel much relieved. No more wet or messy seats.

Though not recommended by the vets, these diapers are becoming more and more popular going by the demand-curve, their demands coming mostly from apartment residents.

These diapers are most useful for dogs with incontinence, physically handicapped dogs, dogs that have undergone surgery, and easily excitable dogs.

A warning about puppies chewing on disposable diapers is sounded by knowledgeable people.

These diapers are showcased on the Internet by the American and Chinese manufacaturers.

Source: Times of India February 4,2009
Images: Google

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