Friday, February 13, 2009

First-ever cloned buffalo by India

World’s first cloned buffalo.

Yes, India created the first ever cloned buffalo on February 6, 2009. This feat was achieved by the scientists at the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal in Haryana in India. Named Samrupa, this cloned buffalo survived only for five days and died of pneumonia on February 12, 2009. The scientists are expecting two more cloned buffalos, one in May and the other in June of this year. India thus occupies an enviable place in the world of cloning mammals.

Samrupa’s mother is from the Murrah breed, a breed that gives 35 kg of milk a day. The cloning was by a simpler but more advanced method called the Hand-guided Cloning Technique, which is claimed to be less time-consuming requiring much less skill and equipment, the scientists of the Karnal Institute say.

The female eggs for this cloning were matured in-vitro in a lab and cleansed, and somatic cells from the ear of the donor buffalo was electrofused with the occytes, then grown in a laboratory for a week and the embryo was then transferred to the recipient buffalo for cloning the calf of desired gender. The surrogate mother delivered Samrupa in two months.

Normally one buffalo delivers one offspring every year, but by cloning, more calves are possible and at shorter periods too.

Of note, a wild mountain goat, the Pyrenean Ibex declared extinct in 2000 in Spain recently, but unfortunately this too died of pneumonia shortly after birth.

Source: Times of India
Images: Googles

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